31/03/21 - Welcome to our new weekly pre-game discussion blog!

As promised, I'll be relaying information regarding club news, new sponsors or opportunities, host our Q & A game discussions and anything else worth passing on! My apologies if this first post runs a bit long as I attempt to summarize some topics. I was hoping to provide a video as well, but in need of a shave!

The greatest thing about having these discussions in a blog format is that it allows those who are away to easily catch-up even when they are away...and new members can also look back at the archives for information! Some of the questions we've received in the past were:

  1. Q. I understand each side is allowed 3 hits before it has to go over, but does a block count as a hit? A. For indoor: a block does not count as a hit. If the blocker touches the ball when defending an attack, their team has 3 hits still available to them. To add to this rule, this allows the same blocker the rare opportunity to be able to touch the ball twice in a row. For outdoor: a block does count as a hit and the team has two more hits remaining.

2. Q. What happens if the ball touches the antennas (the red & white poles at either end of the net)?

A. This is a fault and the team that caused the ball to touch the antennae loses the rally.

3. Q. Are there positions in mixed social competition?

A. Short answer: yes, kind of. You won't really find it in a rule book, but it is common in social play that the person who is positioned in the #3 spot (front middle) is the setter until they rotate.

Looking at the court positions, 4 & 2 are hitters on either side, 3 as discussed is the setter who should be receiving the 2nd touch of the ball unless it is out of reach where they can ask a player closer to the ball for help. Players 5,6,1 make up the back row. When receiving a serve from the other team, player 6 is generally the one to receive short serves.

Position 1 is the one who serves. Teams with more than 6 players on the night may choose to rotate. This would happen when your team wins the rally to serve and when rotating the player in position 2 would step off the court and a new player would then step up to serve in postion 1.

Ok that's it for tonight and again I hope everyone has a great and relaxing long Easter weekend. Looking forward to catching up with you either at Mr Archers or during the weekend for some possible beach volleyball...unfortunately we don't have our club banner to stick into the sand yet, but I've been told that the lovely lady in charge at Jungle Tops will be donating a brand new one to us!

Peace, Love & Chocolate Eggs


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