Closing out Term 2 with a Bang!

Updated: Jun 26

What a fantastic and official end to term 2 (we are still playing through the school holidays to make up for lockdowns). What a night - we had record numbers of 44 participants (over 7 teams worth of players) in one night and I have a feeling we are still growing! We had a trial run of the action cam head mount and looks like there's some great footage which we'll share soon!

Recap of the pregame meeting:

Training tops created by our very own Jack are available for $20 and expressions of interest can be made via the Google Docs spreadsheet here

The two rules we discussed were the following:

  1. the serve toss - only one toss is allowed meaning once it leaves your hand and intended as the toss to a serve it must be served otherwise it is considered a fault.


12.4.1 The ball shall be hit with one hand or any part of the arm after being tossed or released from the hand(s).

12.4.2 Only one toss or release of the ball is allowed. Dribbling or moving the ball in the hands is permitted.

12.4.3 At the moment of the service hit or take-off for a jump service, the server must not touch the court (the end line included) or the floor

outside the service zone. 1.4.2,, D11 (22), D12 (4)

After the hit, he/she may step or land outside the service zone, or inside the court.

12.4.4 The server must hit the ball within 8 seconds after the 1st referee whistles for service.12.3, D11 (11)

12.4.5 A service executed before the referee's whistle is cancelled and repeated

2. the centre line - it is a fault if a player's foot completely cross the centre line. If any part of the foot is still touching or hovering directly over the line then it is not considered a fault.

FIVB Rules:


11.2.1 It is permitted to penetrate into the opponent’s space under the net, provided that this does not interfere with the opponent’s play.

11.2.2 Penetration into the opponent's court, beyond the centre line: 1.3.3,, D11 (22) to touch the opponent's court with a foot (feet) is permitted, provided that some part of the penetrating foot (feet) remains either in contact with or directly above the centre line; 1.3.3, D11 (22) to touch the opponent’s court with any part of the body above the feet is permitted provided that it does not interfere with the opponent’s play. 1.3.3,, D11 (22)

11.2.3 A player may enter the opponent's court after the ball goes out of play. 8.2

11.2.4 Players may penetrate into the opponent's free zone provided that they do not interfere with the opponent’s play

For more basic rule violations check out this YouTube clip: Basic rule violations | Volleyball - YouTube


We have engaged the Surf Coast Shire Youth Development department and they are working with us to secure the gym hire for our junior development. More information will be provided to the junior team as we progress, but please rest assured that we want this to continue now and well into the future.


Please get your Term 3 SCVA memberships in as soon as possible - players who are already registered with Volleyball Victoria will only need to pay for their term fees. Trial players who wish to continue with the club are now required to register with Volleyball Victoria as per the instructions provided on this website's main page and make a payment with SCVA.

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