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Spikezone is Volleyball Australia’s entry-level Volleyball program for kids aged between 6 and 13. Spikezone Centres run both Learn to Play courses and competition activities using modified equipment and rules to ensure kids have fun, get active, develop new skills and teamwork.

Have fun playing games, learning new skills and making new friends! Learn to play Volleyball with Spikezone! Then join in regular games with your new friends in Spikezone tournaments and competitions in
your local area. You never know, one day you too could become a Volleyroo!

Spikezone Learn to Play is finally here!! But what is it?

As the name suggests, Spikezone ‘Learn to Play’ programs are a series of entry-level skill and game-related coaching sessions for Volleyball or Beach Volleyball. 


We use a smaller sized court, a lower net and a softer/lighter ball with less players on court so everyone touches the ball more often. Depending on the age and level of experience, slight rule changes can be used to ensure the rallies are longer and a lot more fun.

At SCVA, we have taken the national program a step further and introducing a 3-level program to allow players ample development to progress into the junior program. As players progress, they will receive a certificate of achievement upon completion of each level with a focus on safety. Have a read of our safety-first policy here.

The courses are designed especially for primary and early secondary school students aged between 8 and 13 years and are conducted by accredited Volleyball Australia coaches (including WWC) over a 6-8 week period.


What are the differences with Spikezone Learn to Play and Spikezone Play?

A full Spikezone Program involves introductory game orientated ‘Learn to Play’ courses followed by competitive ‘Play’ opportunities by way of a weekly league format towards the end of the terms. Following a ‘Learn to Play’ course, players will be equipped to move to the next level and test themselves with their teammates in more competitive games.


What will you learn?

All of the basic skills of Volleyball will be covered, in a fun game-orientated way. The main learning outcome for the ‘Learn to Play’ courses is for kids to have an understanding of how to play Spikezone Volleyball, what skills to use and how to work together in teams. In early stages, players may be allowed to catch and toss the ball to become familiar with the mechanics, positioning and fundamentals.  More experienced players are always welcome to play without the catch option so that they can continue to work on their skills at the same time. 


The main skills of Volleyball include:

  • Serving

  • Passing

  • Setting

  • Spiking

  • Blocking

  • Digging

What is the schedule?

The standard ‘Learn to Play’ course runs for between 6-8 weeks and involves a 45-minute session per week. Players are provided instruction and time to warm up and cool down.


How often are courses run?

Courses generally run each school term to match with the requirements of participating schools. However, as mentioned above, dependin